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9 Feb February

Mark is joined by Brum RAdio's very own Blake Woodham, co-pilot of the Brum Radio Book Club and the man behind Screen Brum. They talk book-to-screen adaptations, radio fan geekdom and more. And of course Blake plays the next in the continuing saga that is Zombies on a Spaceship.

The story so far:

You’re aboard a ship that looks and feels like the one you remember, but is somehow different. There’s been an outbreak of some sort of zombie virus, and you’re holed up with your captain and a robot you rescued on a previous mission. Someone needs to raise the alarm and alert Head Office that you’re under attack, but for some reason you can’t cancel the lockdown from anywhere except the security deck, so someone needs to crawl through the air ducts. You chose to fight.

Here's Blake's opening scenario:

Blorp crouches under the air vent and gives Captain Spalletti a boost up. He then turns to you and says “what next?”

Armed with your laser pistols, you gingerly open the mess door and look both ways before entering the lift to the command deck. On the way, Blorp apologises for the cruel joke he played on you, in which he pretended to play a short game of Russian Roulette with two glasses of blue milk, one potentially poisoned. You can’t help but chew over the thought that perhaps that particular game had yet to reach its conclusion.

As the lift doors swish open, you’re greeted by your mirror image. Only the uniform is different. But also, perhaps the look of panic is more prominent on your doppelgänger’s face.

Without a word, he aims his laser pistol straight at your heart. In a picosecond Blorp is infront of the beam, shielding you from its intense heat. The beam is reflected in Blorp’s shiny surface and ricochets off his body and straight into the heart of the alternative you, in a way you suspect isn’t technically possible because physics.

Nevertheless, your brother from another dimensional mother is dead, and Blorp is dying. His logic circuits are fried and all he can say is a series of numbers. What could they mean?