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16 Feb February

Mark is joined in the Comfy Bunker by the Internet's own Jamie Garner. They talk audiobooks, and play chapter 6 of Zombies on a Spaceship.

Here's the story so far:
This morning you left your ship on a simple scouting mission, and brought back a medibot called Blorp. The ship you returned to is similar, but not identical to the one you remember, and is unaccountably infested by zombies. You and the medibot worked with the captain to disable the ship's lockdown and alert head office. On the way to the security station, Blorp was killed trying to defend you against your panicked doppleganer (the you from this alternative ship). After disabling the lockdown, you decided to make a new life for yourself on-board this alternate ship.

And this week's scenario:

Your exertions have earned you a good night's rest, but you feel you may have a lot of explaining to do before you can rest your head. You leave the security station and take the lift to the command deck, where you find a pensive Captain Spalletti pacing the floor, talking to her first officer. After a few moments she welcomes you over and thanks you for your help in getting her safely to the bridge