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23 Feb February

Brum RAdio's own Phillip Ellis joins Mark Steadman to chat No Doubt and having professional opinions. He also plays chapter 7 of Zombies on a Spaceship. Here's the story so far:

You're aboard a copy of a ship called the Spacey McSpaceface, which has been overrun by zombies. You've discovered a connection between the infestation and the sudden appearance of a swarm of spiders.

Captain Spalletti clued you in on a secret door marked D3, hidden behind a wall in her ready room. You chose to go through the door, knowing it could lead to a world of inter-dimensional killer arachnoids.

Is it possible the captain knew about the existence of the spiders all along? Should this story instead have been titled "Spiders on a Spaceship and Also There are Zombies?" And what about Blorp and that whole business with the cadmium power? Find out after this.

And the opening scenario:

You walk slowly into the doorway, seemingly cut into the wall of the captain's ready room. The frame looks heavy and made of some ancient wood, not the MegaHogony or HyperTeak you're used to.

As you walk through, you feel that old familiar nausea from your earlier adventures, and are immediately startled by what would appear to be an exact replica of the ready room, in reverse.

Straight ahead of you is the bookshelf you used to open the door. To the left is Spalletti's desk and tablet computer, and to the right is the door leading back out to the corridor, the lift and the command deck. What would you like to do?