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9 Mar March

This week Mark is joined by the original Geeky Brummie himself, Ryan Parish. They play chapter 9 of Zombies on a Spaceship, and solve the immortal question: geek or nerd. Here's the story so far:

You’ve found yourself unwittingly bounced around multiple versions of a single reality. In the version you remember, you blew up a ship and took a robot home with you. In a dimension-hopping escape pod you ended up in a reality similar to yours in almost every respect. Up until very recently you were helping the ship’s captain fight off a horde of zombies whose infection is spread by inter-dimensional arachnoids.

You were in the middle of a plan to defeat a swarm of zombies before Blorp, the robot you rescued betrayed you and the captain, who he’s taken hostage and whose mouth he’s taped up.

You took control of the situation by laying down one of your weapons, encouraging him to do the same, and when he least expected it, you whipped out your second gun and shot off his gun hand. You ran over to the captain, ripped off the tape and in that instant she screamed “For God’s sake, don’t!”

In the split-second you look away, Blorp reaches for the gun you tossed aside, and shoots you in the head.

You'll have to listen to find out the opening scenario!