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23 Mar March

Mark is joined by comedian Rob Kemp, to play chapter 11 of Zombies on a Spaceship. Check out Rob's YouTube project Left of the Podium - the show he does with Dave Pitt, celebrating the fourth best of everything - and see him at the Edinburgh Fringe (midnights at the Monkey Barrel).

Here's the story so far:

36 hours ago you boarded the AMS Donald Trump, an abandoned ship whose crew have turned to zombies. You’d originally thought that a deadly gas you’d encountered was the cause behind their deaths, but you’ve subsequently learned of a much richer plot, featuring interesting characters and nail-biting cliffhangers. It’s really been quite the adventure, and something that would one day make a great Kindle Single, priced at just 99p.

It turns out that reality has fractured, and the beings responsible for mending the break - inter-dimensional arachnoids called seamstresses - chomp through inorganic matter, while their venom carries a virus that turns anything living into the undead. They aim to multiply and devour the splinter worlds and return the universe to a single, easy-to-follow timeline.

In the intervening time you could have sworn you blew up the ship, then jumped into an alternate reality via the means of an escape pod, rescued and then subsequently killed a one-armed robot, met the mirror copy of your ship’s captain and united her with your own captain, who you’ve brought aboard a shuttle which is now headed back to the AMS Donald Trump, where you hope to find the reason behind the split in realities.

Armed with only a jar of cadmium powder and a laser pistol, can you repair the break before the seamstresses destroy the mirror universe? And if you do, what will that mean for the friends you’ve made there? All this will be answered after this.

And the scenario opens thusly:

You arrive at the docking bay, and your shuttle’s console reboots into the operating system of the ship you’re about to enter.

You hear a “booong” noise and the screen shows the words “Narrativo 0.9 beta 3”. After a few seconds the screen is replaced by a grid of six icons, three dots and the words “Select story”.