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30 Mar March

Mark's producer Paul joined him live in studio to play the final chapter of Zombies on a Spaceship, and to talk, inevitably about kittens.

The story so far

You’ve successfully repaired the breach in realities that caused the Seamstresses - a race of matter-destroying killer arachnoids - to come out of hiding, by fixing a plot hole created by the Narrativo, a computer that feeds on decision and produces story.

In traveling to one of the alternate realities that was formed by this plot hole, you met a copy of your captain and brought her to your home dimension. Your original captain is with you at the computer terminal where you fixed the broken story, but what has become of her counterpart?

Is she still alive, or has she winked out of existence? And if she is alive, will she ever be able to make it back to her home dimension? These questions, and possibly more - or perhaps fewer - will be answered today.

Opening scenario

You stare blankly at the innocent menu screen on the ancient computer, and slowly get up from the chair. Spalletti straightens her back and you look at each other, exchanging wordless glances that say everything.

“Should we… go?” says Spalletti, and without a word, you turn and walk back to where you hope is the door. You follow a tiny prick of green light in the distance, and as you round on it you realise it’s an Exit sign.

You hit the panel on the door to open it and are instantly met by the shocked and furious face of a security droid.

“What the…” it stammers in its metallic monotone. “Where… I mean… like… where did you come from?”